Kazan Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser


The Kazan Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser offers an amazing aromatherapy experience like no other. The name means volcano in Japanese and this powerful unit combines ultrasonic diffuser technology and humidifier to disperse a pleasant, fragrant mist throughout your space. It also features incredible LED lights at the bottom that create a realistic flame effect with multiple colors you can use, letting you customize your ambiance however you please. Plus, it has a waterless auto-off function that will turn off automatically after 6-9 hours of use - all without producing any noise due to its silent operation. With the Kazan Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser, you can provide a truly unique and relaxing atmosphere for yourself, friends, family and guests. Get yours today and enjoy powerful aromatic bliss!



Specifications:Size: 13.5*13.5*7.8 cm / 5.31*5.31*3.07inch Capacity: 130ml Spray Volume: 15-20ml/h Use Time: 6-9 hours Material: BPA-free, suitable for babies and adults Package Includes: 1 Diffuser, English Instruction Manual and 1 Type-C Cable

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