Upholstery Cleaning Brush


This Upholstery Cleaning Brush is a professional tool designed to care for upholstery and clean the most delicate of fabrics—suede, deerskin plush, and Alcantara. Made out of high-quality materials, this brush easily cleans deep into fabric grooves and removes any dirt or grime without causing damage. Simply wipe off affected areas to remove dirt from suede leather, then use circular motions to lift fluff back to its natural luster. Safely use this brush for lasting results without inadvertently damaging upholstery fabrics. Maintain your furniture and car interiors with the Upholstery Cleaning Brush - the perfect tool for keeping your upholstery looking like new!



Specifications: Material: tpr+ beech Length: 12.5 cm Width: 4.2 cm Thickness: 1.2 cm Type: Sponge, Cloth and Brush Weight: about 95 grams Package Includes: 1 piece

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