My Little Greenhouse Model Miniature Kit


The My Little Greenhouse Model Miniature Kit is perfect for anyone, young and old alike! With its combination of wood, fabric, paper, resin and plastic pieces, this DIY kit lets you make your own unique toy model that's sure to generate oohs and aahs. It's a great way to cultivate coordination skills, concentration, color recognition and pattern recognition while encouraging patience and caution. Plus, it's an ideal tool to help relieve stress – what could be more relaxing than assembling the pieces into a wonderful miniature version of reality? This delightful set makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for family members, friends and loved ones, no yard space needed! When it’s done, you'll enjoy being able to relax and unwind by rearranging and caring for your very own Little Greenhouse. AGES 10 AND UP.



Specifications: Finished Size:17.5x19.5x17.5cm Material: Wood, Fabric, Paper, Resin, Plastic

Packing List: LED Lights*13D Wooden Puzzle x 1set (without Dust cover)

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