Avocado Slicer


Introducing the new Avocado Slicer! A revolutionary kitchen tool that provides a paper-thin even cut for perfect avocado slices each and every time. The slicer is made with high-quality plastic and features an ergonomic handle design for ultimate user control. It’s lightweight and portable—perfect for dropping in your bag to take with you wherever you go or to store away easily in any kitchen drawer!

The Avocado Slicer is the perfect tool for adding sophistication to any meal or entertaining experience. You can slice thin avocado pieces for stunning presentation on fancy entrees and avocado toast, layer thin slices onto sandwiches for extra flavor, or turn them into guacamole mix to create a bold dip that will bring friends together over conversation and laughter as they munch away. Whatever you choose, our unique slicer gives you endless possibilities when it comes to culinary creativity!

With the secure handle designed to fit right into your hand when you hold it, it stabilizes the slicer so that your slices are equally thin each time. Let the revolutionary avocado slicer amp up your culinary game!



Name: Avocado Slicer

Material: Plastic

Size: about 15*5.8*1.3cm/5.91*2.28*0.51in

Weight: about 21g

Package: OPPPackage Includes:

Avocado Slicer x 1

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