Frida Fluted Glass


Start your day with a warm, high-quality cup of coffee in our Frida Fluted Heat-resistant Latte Glass. Crafted out of superior quality borosilicate glass, this glass cup is designed to withstand high temperatures without breaking or cracking. It's a perfect choice for your morning latte as well as lunchtime milk, juice at dinnertime, and after-dinner whiskey cocktails. Expertly crafted for superior performance, durability, and style, our Frida Fluted Glass is ideal for any occasion. The beautiful design and reliable construction make it the ideal choice for anyone who takes their hot beverages seriously. For those looking for an attractive and reliable way to serve hot drinks, the Frida Fluted Glass is the perfect option. Enjoy your favorite drinks with ease and peace of mind knowing that your glass will stay safe from heat damage. The perfect presentation for any beverage!

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