Travel Dispenser 4-In-1 Travel Bottle


Do you hate having to check your liquids when you travel? The Travel Dispenser 4-In-1 Travel Bottle is perfect for you! Yes, that means it fits 4 of your favorite body products in one handy bottle! This high quality, lightweight and portable bottle is made of ABS+PP material and is suitable for all liquids, lotions and creams. It features a rotation switching, visual window and prevents leaks when on the move. The clever design means you don't need to check in, you can take it directly on the plane! Perfect for airplane travel, business trip, camping and more.


1. Turn counterclockwise to open the top cover

2. Remove the inner bottles

3. Label each inner bottle

4. With the nozzle facing out, fill in the bottle

5. Rotate the selection and press the liquid out

6. Turn after use to close







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